Cardiology: Taking on the world’s number one killer

Cardiovascular disease is the deadliest on the planet, responsible for some 30% of deaths around the world. At Hadassah Medical Organization (HMO), we are committed to preventing, diagnosing, treating, and continuing the research that could one day eradicate it. For decades, Hadassah Medical Organization has been at the forefront of sophisticated care and innovative heart research in the Middle East.

Hadassah has initiated a collaborative research project with a Muslim Arab family whose members have a genetic form of early onset malignant valve calcification, which leads to early death. Prof. Chaim Lotan, head of the Heart Institute, plans “in the very near future” to clone the genetic mutation and, potentially, find a cure. “Forging scientific alliances that transcend national borders… allows us to continue to meet the challenges of cardiovascular disease in the future,” said Prof. Lotan.



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