Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU): Our children are our future

Critically ill babies and young children lie in incubators and patient bays, connected to sophisticated electronic instruments that save, sustain, and monitor their lives. An ultra-Orthodox Jewish woman sits with her unconscious 11-year-old daughter. Nearby, a Muslim woman from Hebron sings quietly to her young baby who has just undergone cardiac surgery. A father–a new immigrant from the Former Soviet Union–strokes the hand of his daughter, whose liver tumor was recently removed.

Hadassah Medical Organisation’s new Paediatric Intensive Care Unit is the principal centre for medical care and post-surgical intensive care for acutely ill infants and children (up to age 16) from the greater area of Jerusalem and beyond.

Children with head and multiple traumas; those who have undergone surgery to correct a wide variety of congenital defects, including various heart and neurological problems; and children who undergo bone marrow transplantations, are all cared for in the new PICU.


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