The Sarah Wetsman Davison Hospital Tower: Completing the task

The Tower gleams in the sky over Jerusalem. With 500 beds, 19 stories (five underground) and unparalleled patient accommodations, the Tower is the most advanced medical facility in the Middle East.

The Sarah Wetsman Davidson Hospital Tower – a carefully conceived, cutting-edge, energy-efficient inpatient facility – integrates Hadassah’s deep dedication to healing with science’s most sophisticated developing medical technologies. This building is among the world’s most advanced inpatient towers, which allows patients and medical staff unprecedented conditions for treatment and recovery.

The first patients moved into the new building at Hadassah Medical Center in Ein Kerem in March, 2012, opening the latest chapter in Hadassah’s 100-year narrative. The building is being populated gradually as each new department is completed.

Changing medical needs and patient preferences require a modern hospital facility, which will be a suitable residence for Hadassah specialists and the sophisticated equipment they use, and will be the hospital of Jerusalem, Israel and the entire region for the coming decades.

Tower Equipment Campaign: Completing the task

Patients moved into the Tower in 2012 to enthusiastic medical acclaim from around the world. You can make an impact by helping to equip and furnish it.




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General Information

  • The Sarah Wetsman Davidson Hospital Tower rises 68 meters above the ground.
  • The tower includes 14 floors above ground and 5 floors underground.
  • The Davidson building has 500 beds, 20 operating rooms, 20 silent elevators, three escalators, four healing gardens, and a synagogue.
  • Every bed has a window. A third of the tower’s 500 inpatient beds are in single rooms, the remainder in doubles, with complete privacy for each. Next to each bed is a recliner where relatives can spend the night.
  • Every room has a safe, closet, Shabbat light, and en suite bathroom.
  • A personal entertainment system is installed next to each bed. Patients have free multi-channel TV, radio and music stations, Internet, and personal services that can be ordered by remote control.
  • The Davidson tower operating rooms are among the most advanced in the world. Some hybrid rooms allow surgery and catheterization in parallel. The walls are constructed of stainless steel. The most advanced control system is installed in the operating rooms.
  • Three of the elevators in the Davidson building that serve the general public are glass-encased.
  • The Davidson building has a 7-storey, 1,000-space parking lot built across the road.
  • A Light Rail Station is to be built next to the hospital tower.
  • The building is named after Sarah Wetsman Davidson, mother of the late Bill Davidson – one of the greatest supporters of Hadassah, who along with his wife Karen, contributed upwards from $75 million to help build the tower.